Friday, June 27, 2014

Everything will be fine

hello everyone!
well since i'm not in the mood doing my thesis, i will write some lessons that i learnt months ago.
i don't know why, but i think this year is kind of "betrayal" year for me.
i lost some people in my life again.
i found out that he left me alone in order to be with someone, someone that hurt him so bad, and then again he left me and giving another chance to her? second chance? third chance? to be honest, i don't care anymore. hahahaha. well im talking about my past relationship though.
and yes, ive been in a relationship with a guy, literally a bad guy loll (if someday you're reading this, you admitted you're a bad guy loh lol).
it's funny that when your dreams come true, some of you won't believe these, but for me, i do. i do believe that every dreams will be come true someday, and yes! it comes when he's your dream guy? uhmm, noo, he's not my dream guy, he's my crush years ago. hahahha.
so, he's my senior in senior high school. we both know each other but we never talk since i was in high school, i know that he's my friend's boyfriend hehehe but we're friend in Facebook, Twitter, Path and so on. years passed. and then i saw his twitter account it's because in my timeline there's someone retweet his tweet, and i'm kind of woww. but one thing, he has a girlfriend. hahahha. skip and skip, until one time, he loved my photos in my path, and he added my line, then, he said hello! and i was like, oh my God! is this real? it's so funny, never thought that he will do that, saying hello. 
okay, so from that day, we started to get to know each other, going out, watching movies, chit-chatting, and it began from morning when we wake up to night when we're going to sleep, doing flirting, valentine's dinner, meet my dad and my mom. we had a great great time. we laughed everywhere, every jokes, singing song together, sharing our secrets, and anything that makes us feel "comfortable" each other. yea, it was really fun and unforgettable. 
we started our relationships with the commitments indeed. days became weeks, weeks became months and so on, he changed.
well i guess i don't have to tell you about the details. 
i think you know what happened next.
we broke up. it's painful, so painful that i can't describe how hurt it is, i can't think positive in that time, i don't know how to say, but i just need people who love me so much and giving me some things like, cheer up! and kind of thing. Thank God, you always know what i need, my best friends always be there for me, cheering me up, asking me to go out to relieve me from pain, checking me up, and as time goes by, i can think clear, i can see the positive one. i learnt a lot, a lot! i made a mistake too somehow, i should admit it, we can't never change anything like it used to be, because it just..happened.. but we can always learn from our mistakes, right? :)
so, don't blame yourself because of your mistakes, but try to learn from it for moving forward, always believe that there's always something good in any situation and condition, if you never try, you will never know and you will regret for the chance that you had from the first time. 
i'm so fineeee today, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow, and so on it's because i learnt from it. hahaha. i'm happy, i can laugh, i can go everywhere i want of course with my family, my bestfriends, they're my precious things. and you know what? sometimes, the best thing in life is about "gratitude", i don't have a boyfriend, but i have people who loves me just the way i am and being around them is a blessing from God to know that you don't have to expect having a boyfriend who will love you, it is NOT, you can feel love from everyone that around you, like i told you, your family, your bestfriends who really really loves you :)
oh ya, one thing, (and this is my favorite quotes),
a right guy will come in a right time, in a right place, and it's on God's plan, so, no need to rush about your love life, because you will find it sooner or later, yeayyyyy :D

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Hello 2014!!

Hello everyone!
Hey, it is 2014 already! Happy New Year to all of you! :)

This time i will write some post it's because i'm too lazy to do my internship report (hahaha!).

Let's go back to 2013, i say it's throwback time lol.
i have learnt so muchhhh that i admit i'm so amaze with some lessons.
Friendships , relationships, family, internship got much experiences and lessons of course!

Well, let's talk about relationships first lol.
Okay in 2013, that is my first year being single. through 2013 alone but not lonely (yeah!!)
Been single from July 2012 made me feel like i'm free, i'm happy, i choose my own path, and i didn't have to feel the heartbreaks feeling (but i was wrong, so wrong lol!).
From July 2012 until this time i didn't have any relationships yet.
But that's okay, maybe i have to wait until that time comes.
People come and go, some left without goodbyes, some left with some reasons.
I thought that people who stays besides you will never leave you, but then again, i was wrong lol.
Lots of lessons that i had in this kind of relationships.
I've found out why they left, first, i can't handle the truth that's because maybe i'm not "that" any kind of girls.
I'm different , yes i'm different but i love me!
Falling in love with wrong guys, heartbreak feelings, ex came back to life, two of us falling in love but we can't be together, and became strangers again (with some memories maybe loll)
I'm different because i realize that i was falling in love too easy, using my feelings and using my heart than my brain. I'm fragile. 
But besides that i'm happy, i thank God, you've showed me who they really are before i took the relationships. I'm happy too because they made me feel like i'm the only girl in the world lollll. made me feel comfortable, made me open my mind, taught me which path i should take, listening to every single story that i told them, going out for dinner or lunch, chillin, going out for a movie date, having fun time with my bestfriends, and everything. even if  that was a short time, but i thank to you guys if you read my blog someday loll :) 
When you had ur heartbreaks, don't worry, someone else will come in to ur life and take away that heartbreaks, replacing ur heart with the new one so that you can feel the love again.
I have to admit that these times, i've seen that you should be carefull when you're in love with someone, because when you're in love with someone, you will expect something from that guy.
And again, expectations will lead you to another disappoinments
I learnt that no matter how you love someone, being a good ones and sometime feels like hey i'm good enough for you, but seems like it wasn't enough at all.
okay i guess this is enough for relationships part.

Movng to Friendship part!
hey i met lots of people (yeayyy!)
and i love to make friends with anyone, expanding ur connections, because you don't know maybe someday they will help you in bad times.
i learnt that friendship is a part of my life.
have you wonder that what would you be without them?
that's why you have to admit that they're made you to be who you are.
as time goes by, you will find out who's your friends, your REAL friends i mean.
who will stay by ur side in ur bad and good times, who will accept you just the way you are.
making friendship with everyone also makes you to learn about people's personality.
Friendships will become lifemates, lifemates means ur friendship is more than just friendships, because you feel like they're the real and the true friends, they showed you what is the real definition of lifemates.
Every laugh, every tears, every emotions that you feel makes you believe that they're priceless and cannot be replace.
Friendships is about take and give. agree? yes! loll
I don't have to mention them in this blogs, but i just wanna say thankyouuuu to you my lifemates, i love you! thankyou for being my bestfriends, thankyou for all the lessons, thankyou for all the fun times we had, thankyou for listening to every single story, thankyou for being "my shoulder to cry on", thankyou for all the jokes that we laugh again and again loll, thankyou for making me who i am and last but not least, thankyou for staying by my side in any situation that i had. i loveeeeeeeeeeeeee you!! :*

Moving to Family part!
i don't have too much sayings in this part, it's because i'm happy to be a part of this family, being the forst daughter in this family, the old one but always feels i'm young enough! lolllll
i'm so gratefull that i was born in this family, we had time together everyday living in a small comfortable house.
Having mom, dad, brother, sister like them it's God's choice for me. they're my greatest gift and they're priceless too.

Moving to internship part!
Well, it's because my university rules.
I have to take an internship in the middle of sixth semester to seventh semester, which is on August 2013 to early September 2013.
i took an internship in PT. Aneka Warna, it's near my house! actually i went to office at 8.25 am while the office hour is 8.30! lolllllll
oh ya fyi,  this is my second internships :p
First internships that i took is when i'm in vocational high school and it was in PT. Astra International Daihatsu :)
okay back to PT. Aneka Warna, i met lots of workmates, and i was in marketing division.
it was fun and tired but much experiences that i had in PT. Aneka Warna though.

Okay this is the end of my new blogs.
Well, seems like i had so many things that i learnt in 2013 right?
for every tears that i cry, for every heartbreaks, for every disappoinments, i believe that someday it will be paid off. 
in life, in every ending it's just another beginning for moving forward, because life teach us how to survive in this real life :)

Thankyou for reading my blogs.
God Bless You and have a nice day :)

Friday, August 28, 2009

about life in shs

okay. ini lanjutan dari blog kmaren sih. gatau knapa gue lg hobi nulis blog akhir-akhir ini. haha.
yahh khidupan gue di smk ini better than di smp deh.
berbedaa sedikitt. hehe.
hmmm. dulu waktu kelas 1, gue pernah ngalamin kejadian kyk d novel2. hahaha.
waktu itu kan gue lg mau k kantin ama temen2 gue, eh balik2 d tas gue uda ada kado gtu ama surat. (huhuiii~)
nahh gue syokk dan byasa deh, tmen2 pda cengin gue, hahaha.
terus gue bingung gitu sapa yg naro, masalahnya gue kuar kelas cuma sebentar, 5 menit kira2. ckck.
terus gue lg kbingungan gitu, eh ada temen gue yg nyamperin gue, si jennifer stella :p
dy blg dy tau sapa yg naro, yaudah deh dia menceritakan.
katanya pas gue kuar kelas itu, ad tmen gue si inisial 2 org k tempat gue, trus taro kado itu d tas gue. hahaha. (Do you remember jen? :p )
terus gue baca suratnya, ad inisial dari yg ngasi, dan tnyata itu temen smp gue. hahahahaa.
yah ampun. isi kadonya bola kristal gtuu, lupa gue tuh kado skg ada dimana ya. huahua~

terus dulu waktu gue kelas 1 tuh kelas gue berisik banget, yaiyala secara 1 kelas kurang lebih 50an orang. ckck.
ramenya kyk pasar!
sampe2 guru2 pada males ngajarin kita2.
ada kejadian guru akun ampe kuar , katanya ga kuat ngajarin kelas 1ac. wakakakaka.
terus guru b.indo juga bgitu, katanya kelas kita paling ga bisa diem. hahahaha.
terus kelas kita juga kompak loh.hahaha. :p
nah! gue ada 1 kejadian lagi nih.
ceritanya waktu itu lagi pelajaran PKN kalo gag salah.
nah, gue org (dengan teman2 yg skg menghilang satu-persatu.)
lg ngobrol ber4 gitu, eh tiba2 guru gue ngelempar penghapus ke arah temen gue yg d depan gue, dan SIALNYA gue yg kena dan tepat di bibir gue tuh penghapus. *hiks
dan jadilah, bibir gue berdarah + sariawan.
terussss pipi gue rada sedikit kena tuh bekas penghapus, item gtu. grrrr!
nah, temen gue yg duduk di sebelah gue bela-in gue. huhu. terharu bner gue. hiks.
dy bner2 bela-in gue abis2an ampe guru gue diem, tapi sebagian temen2 sekelas malah kyk ga seneng gitu. dan meledaklah temen gue itu. huah~
hm. cerita waktu gue PKL di daihatsu.
seharusnya gue 1 departemen sama si jennifer, tapi kan di departemen gue hari sabtu harus masuk, dynya ga bisa. hehe.
jadinya dy dgantiin deh am tmen gue si visca.
b2 ama dia.
jenny ama nikhe plus yulia.
pengalaman naek bus bareng2, makan pizza, digodain sama abang2 *hiii najesss, nambah temen baru juga, jadi deket sama temen2 juga.
nahh akhiran gue b3 deh sama fenny n visca juga.
dlu gue juga interview ama ika, jenny d mangdu, tpi ika yg dtrima. hahaha.
makan enak2, poto2,curhat2an, semua deh di daihatsu.
terus jenny juga dket ama nikhe.
yah gtu deh, padahal wkt kelas 1 mereka ngmg aja ga pernah. hahaha. :p
dan itupun berlanjut ampe sekarang.
sekarang sih dah pada ngilang2 yah.
yg tersisa cuma gue, nikhe, ama jenny.
padahal dulu gue kemana2 bareng(rame2 gtu maksudnya)
mungkin bner ya kata temen gue, "semakin lu naik 1 tingkat kelas, makin sedikit temen yg bisa trima lu apa-adanya, luar-dalem. :)"

Thursday, June 18, 2009

my first blogg has already done! :)